Farmers Branch Texas

Job Pictures Gallery

  Here are just some pictures of the many garage door repair jobs we have worked on in Farmers Branch Texas by street name. We are just starting our picture gallery page so please give us a little time to get them filled with good pictures. If you bookmark us to your favorites and check back from time to time there will be more to look at.

Residential Garage Door Repairs:


Garage Door Cable Off Stuck in Up Position

garage door cable off up position


Garage Door Broken Spring - Door should have had two springs to start with, we replaced this one spring with two torsion springs the right way.

garage door broken spring


Garage Door Cable Off Drum - The cables often tangle around the shaft and are dangerous to mess with. If somethig slips when your hand is near and that cable goes under a load then it can remove a finger instantly. Leave it to SOS, we are cheaper than a surgeon for sure.

garage door cable off drum


Garage Door Broken Spring - Another builders model door that cut corners and put a single spring on a double wide door. We put two springs in place of the one broken one the way it should be..

garage door single broken spring


Garage Door Cable Off in Up Position with Door Out of Track - Most likely cause here one of the many objects there in the corner, only takes one of them to block the door just a little bit and the cable can come off one side. Keep the areas around your garage door tracks free from clutter like this.

garage door cable off out of track



Farmers Branch Garage Door Repair And Garage Door Opener Repair And New Installations


  S.O.S technicians are all required to have at least 10 years experience in repairing all brands of residential garage doors.  Residential technicians are also required to be proficient at the repair of most name brand automatic openers as well.   S.O.S has commercial technicians that can repair the even broader range of commercial garage doors, standard lift doors, verticle high lift doors, rollup doors, and rolling steel doors.


List of Garage Door Repairs and Services:

Residential Garage Door Repair Service

We repair garage doors of all types sizes and brands.  Our full service repair labor is typically 60% more reasonable than others.  How is that, you might ask?  Well, most other companies pay their techs from 54% - 66% less on a repair job, than what we pay our techs.  Our techs do not have to charge as much to make the same money as the other companies techs.  Just give us a call, and we will get you up and running usually same day.

Residential Garage Door Spring Replacement

Springs break about every 10,000 cycles and other parts are due to be replaced based on 10,000 cycles as well. We carry quality rollers, hinges, bearings, cables, reinforcement struts, and many more additional parts that garage doors commonly need already on the truck as well. Our tech will also do a full professional evaluation of your garage door and offer general door maintenance for the door itself and offer any other parts the door needs to be in good reliable condition, the tech will go over that with you and then do only what you approve of.  We recommend a high quality repair done the right way, but are very flexible with our customers.

Residential Automatic Garage Door Opener Repair Service

We repair over 95% of the openers that are found in most garages today.  We carry the most common service parts and accessories on our trucks for these main types:

Liftmaster, Genie, Craftsman, Chamberlain

We can repair other openers as well, as long as the parts are available.  

Electric Automatic Driveway Gate Opener Repairs and Service

Residential and commercial gate operator repair services. We are very skilled at diagnostics and can determine what is working properly and what is not. Do not let someone tell you that you need a whole new system, have us fix what you have and save alot of money. There are many new gate opener installation companies out there that can install new gate openers ok, but when the gate opener quits working we are one of the very few actual gate opener repair companies that are good at figuring out why it quit working. Even some of the installation companies call us for diagnostics and repairs on gate openers they installed.

Commercial Overhead Garage Door Repair Service

Commercial overhead doors, rollup doors, rolling steel doors, and more, we are highly skilled at repairs of all brands and types dock doors!

Commercial Door Operator (Opener) Repair Service

Commercial door operator repair service for overhead doors, rollup doors, rolling steel doors, and more, we are highly skilled at operator repairs of all brands and types!

New Residential Automatic Garage Door Openers

We are highly skilled at installing new residential automatic garage door openers!

New Residential Garage Doors

We install new garage doors of all types sizes and brands.

Garage Door Remote Service

Our techs keep a variety of remotes, keypads, and recievers stocked on their trucks that will work with over 95% of the garage door openers out there and can program them to get you up and working quickly !